Interview With Bill Dunbar (Founder)

Bill founded GRT in 1996 and led GRT from from 1996 to 2012

What area of expertise do you bring to GRT?

I am a mechanical engineer and a teacher, when I started GRT I wanted to make a place where students could do projects, for me thats super important.

Where did you get your training/education?

I have Stanford Engineering degrees and I worked at Lockheed Martin and Intel before I came into teaching.

What lead you to mentoring GRT & how long have you mentored GRT?

I have not been very central to GRT for several years, but the thing that I most wanted to achieve with the robotics team was to give a place for students to call home on campus. A place where people could follow through with projects and feel as if they were a part of a group on campus.

What is your favorite GRT experience?

I secretly love the night before we ship the robot. Every year its different. Some years its a complete disaster, and some years it seems like everything goes well. But that last night is magical because thats when we really come together as a team.