Information for prospective students and parents:

Guide on joining: The Gunn Robotics Team (GRT) is both a team and a class, members must be concurrently enrolled in the Engineering Technology course. GRT and the Engineering Technology course is open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors at Gunn High School. No specific prior knowledge or classes are required for acceptance as the team requires a variety of skills. However, engineering classes offered at Gunn such as Introduction to Engineering Design or Principles of Engineering would teach skills directly applicable to robot design. Members are expected to put in time and effort during and outside of school hours. This includes fund-raising activities and community outreach events. During build season, from early January to late February, each member is expected to spend at least 8-12 hours a week outside of school (after-school, evenings, and weekends) working on the robot and/or other team tasks. Applicants with many extra-curricular activities or time restraints should keep this in mind before applying.

Applying for the team: Applications to join the team are available in the robotics shop (L-5) or the guidance office in late January. Applications may include segments and prompts such as a personal statement, short responses, and creativity challenges. The selection process for the team is competitive and applicants should have other elective choices in case they are not accepted into the team. It is recommended to pick up the forms as early as they are available, to allow adequate time to thoughtfully complete the responses.

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